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The pictographic symbols used are the property of the Government of Aragón and have been created by Sergio Palao for ARASAAC (, that distributes them under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA.

*Some of the pictographic symbols are used as it is and some of them have been modified based on the context. 


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Fire Extinguisher

A device containing material that can stop a fire from burning.

Entry link: Fire Extinguisher

Red Crescent / Red Cross

An international organization that takes care of people in danger.

Entry link: Red Crescent / Red Cross


A device that moves up and down, carrying people from one floor of a building to another.

Entry link: Elevators


To move people from a dangerous place to somewhere safe.

Entry link: Evacuation

Helicopter Rescue

An helicopter dedicated to securing somebody.

Entry link: Helicopter Rescue

Emergency Service

Urgent care department for first treatment at the hospital.

Entry link: Emergency Service

Emergency Call

Phone call made by a person to ask for help during emergency situations.

Entry link: Emergency Call

Emergency Exit

A door that opens outwards  to use for escaping in case of danger.

Entry link: Emergency Exit


A puddle or stream of water on dry surfaces.

Entry link: Puddle


A weather condition in which very small drops of water are close to the land, making it difficult to see.

Entry link: Fog

Muster Area

A place where everyone in an area is ordered to go in case of emergency or danger.

Entry link: Muster Area


Natural events such as earthquakes, fires and floods that damage people, animals and buildings are called disasters.

Entry link: Disaster

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Cabinet with fire hose, sprinkler and faucet.

Entry link: Fire Extinguisher Cabinet


The floor below the ground floor of a building.

Entry link: Cellar

First Aid Kit

A box or bag that contains basic medical equipment.

Entry link: First Aid Kit

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